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003: Keith Kranc – Dominating Facebook – Helping Businesses With Awesome Facebook Advertising Startegies

keith-krancWhat does it mean to create Big Value and Big Business today,
in a world where we are bombarded 24-7 with so many messages from
marketers and businesses that are clamoring for our attention?

To help answer this question, we’re chatting with our very special guest today; Keith Kranc and we talk about the very things that have served him in positioning himself as an industry leader and how he is able to consistently deliver big value day in and day out.

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When it comes to Facebook marketing Keith is THE force to be reckoned with in the online space. Keith’s main online website is DominateWebMedia.com and he has helped so many folks take their businesses and their online marketing to the next level.

Keith helps businesses dominate Facebook by showing them how to drive quality traffic and then turn that traffic into quality leads and then…customers, all the while helping establish the businesses’ brand as an authority in their particular niche.

Keith’s client list includes some of the biggest names in internet marketing like;
AdWords Pioneer Perry Marshall, and Chicken Soup for the Souls – Jack Canfield.

Big Value Points to Ponder:

Do the work – Figure out what you need and get the tools and do it.

The importance of getting out and meeting people can not be overstated — Keith can attest, it only takes that ONE PERSON or that one event that can accelerate your career to the speed of light.

Great relationships can be started with just offering to help; You can start by simply advising or offering to manage one small project.

Aligning yourself with bigger names more to build your credibility and not necessarily for the cash at first because that association will lead to much more business in the future.

How self publishing a book and using it for positioning himself as an authority opened doors for Keith and without that key ingredient, he would have not made the connections he did.

Striking a balance between creating and distributing valuable content and straight up selling is vital.

Keeping a mix of clients or other multiple income streams allows you to be (financially) able to HAVE TO sell less, especially in the early days.

“Create value, build your brand/authority and good things will come.”
“Don’t over think it….keep going!”


  • Get coaching
  • Study info products
  • Ignore the naysayers
  • Have patience
  • Meditate on your desired outcome – Law of attraction
  • Create new (prioritized) to-do lists everyday
  • Find your magic time – Craig Ballantyne – That time of day when you are most “ON”
  • SEO as we know it is going away so create valuable content and use paid channels like Facebook with retargeting to speed things up
  • Create a great lead magnet

Visit Keith – www.dominatewebmedia.com
Grab His Facebook Check List:
The 9 Most Critical Things You Must Do To Profit From Facebook In 2013
How To Properly Use Facebook To Generate Traffic, Leads and Sales. Also Discover How To Take Advantage of All of Facebook’s Recent BIG

Watch for Keith’s new book coming out in October 2014
Publisher: www.entrepreneur.com/entrepreneurpress

Honorable Mentions:
Find Your Magic Time – Early to Rise – Craig Ballantyne
Crazy Egg Article – Converting With Facebook Ads: “The Promoted Post Retargeting Loop” Strategy

Have a listen to my chat with Keith

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Keith Kranc

James: All right, awesome. Listen, I want to dive right in and really get to know you, and hear a little bit about your journey, and what brought you here to where you are today. Also really, I would love to discover just how you were able to bring your value and your expertise to the masses, and how you made us so drop dead easy for folks like Perry Marshal say, hey, I want to do business with this guy. So, yeah, tell us a little bit. Give us a little history and a little back story about Keith and what brought you to where you are today. What’s going on?Keith: Sure, you know it’s funny what it comes to, what I have noticed over the past couple of years, working with people like that and some other big names too that I worked with is it’s all about positioning number one and being a people person. Being, meeting the right people, and having people like you. And I’m just starting to really realize that’s really is an important thing. So if you can provide value, you have to have the number one spot. But then, being able to make that next step to connect with somebody, maybe it’s in person at an event.We can get into that more later. But you know, back in the day when I first started, and I was meeting people at Chamber of Commerce meetings in getting my confidence by picking up a client from Chamber of Commerce. And so, it’s pretty interesting but before, like you said, my background originally was to become an airline pilot. I’ve got about 4500 hours and I flew for Horizon Air that was part of Alaska Air. And I loved them and I love flying and the whole, just being able to fly an airplane as a career and I did aerobatic, acrobatic flying in college and taught that a little bit. That was pretty fun

James: It’s cool.

Keith: But you know, it got frustrating because sitting there up in the cockpit, next to a captain or other flight attendant on a bus going to hotel or back, and just people complaining about management, complaining about their contract, and nobody is ever happy. It seems like and it’s just, it’s frustrating. I actually took a job for six months with a company that ended up becoming my client because I ended just going into the office and telling her I couldn’t afford the CEO, couldn’t afford to work there anymore. And ended up hiring me as a consultant, not just as a consultant but really to manage some stuff for them, and ended up getting almost the same amount as paycheck, for them as a client as I was making their work in 40 hours a week, and so that was pretty cool.

James: Fantastic, that’s awesome

Keith: But the reason that I bring that up is those six months, it was brutal. I mean it was, I wasn’t working 40 hours a week. I was really leaving an hour before, actually about 45 minutes before and getting home 45 minutes after that. And we’ve got a 3-year boy at home that you can’t, you’re used to seeing him a lot more, it wasn’t fun. And so I just, I couldn’t handle it anymore. And so you work a lot harder.

And so I would literally work an hour or hour and a half before I go to work. I get up at 4:30 a.m. and then I work like 20 minutes during lunch or I take like a 10-minute nap at lunch, and then I get home at night. If I didn’t have my son, if I did depending on that, I would put in more work on my site “internet business” until I finally got to the point where I told them I could leave. But before that, if you back up a little bit, I was flying and I got frustrated a little bit with the overall demeanor of people, of working there and working for that kind of corporate environment. And like I said, just complaining about stuff and my entrepreneurial spirit really finally just took over, and I ended up getting into the real state world back in like 2002 to 2003, kind of before the big boom and ended doing pretty well and that actually kind of doubling my money and did some stuff with my brother.

We bought a condo and rented it out and sold it couple years later, for double the money. I ended taking that and actually leveraging that into some local businesses, with some really, really high end tanning salons, part of a new franchise and also some smoothie shops and nutritional shops. So I ended up having multiple businesses. It’s pretty interesting that I realize now that how much that has affected what I do now at the Facebook ads’ training. And why I appreciate Facebook ads so much because of what the stuff that we would do as a real business when it comes to, whether its $10,000 billboard or doing a COOP with other owners or radio ad or TV ad or direct mail campaign, and it was expensive. The stuff we can do now just blows my mind.

So I ended having some great businesses but I went through a brutal phase. In 2008, 2009, where I went through a cash flow crisis where basically I had a profitable, really profitable business as an annual basis but because of situations with the business model changing, banks drying up, fear, all those stuff. It wasn’t really the economy but it was the economy that causes me not being able to go, get more money when I needed it. I was losing about $50,000 a month, and with a profitable business because where in busy season and we weren’t getting the money upfront. It’s a long story I don’t want to go into it now. But into the smoothie shops, they really weren’t money makers.

They took from my more profitable businesses so that was brutal. But it sucked, really did suck. But it was such an amazing lesson that I got to learn, and while I owned these businesses, I was really starting to dig into the internet side. And I was so just infatuated by the ability to reach anybody in the world. It was awesome. So I started doing everything I could, learning everything I could, buying, coaching courses, flying to San Diego to learn from great people, to LA to learn from awesome people, and that was what really what really did it for me.

I finally, I just kind of made transition about five years ago into full time, and like I said, I actually work for a company doing internet marketing, E-commerce stuff for about six months and until, I told them I couldn’t afford to work there anymore. I really did tell her that. That’s exactly how the wording went. But now, I ended up transitioning into the Facebook ads’ world because I got fell in love with the ability to be able to target people based on so many factors and get your business in front of somebody and grow it. So kind of a long story short

James: No, I love it man. I love it. I love that’s everyone’s dreams like look; I just can’t afford to work here anymore. It’s as simple as that. And they turned around and hired you as consultant and so it was a win-win. That’s freaking awesome. Your big breakthrough as far as now, you’ve been online about five years and harking back to Perry Marshall and I remember listening to a series, a Facebook series.

It’s like a long, seems like three segments, about one hour segments of, I mean just over the top free content. And of course there was plenty of opportunity to buy the premium content but this was the kind of value that I’m talking about. I mean a person can literally. They could have walked away with just that free content and been light years ahead of anyone else. I mean you rolled that, all the new targeting that Facebook was doing at the time. And it keeps increasing.

Its about the big money grab with them going public but what goes into that, I know you were working with Perry a little bit and this is like, I’m sorry, I don’t mean this to be the Perry Marshall show but that’s where I really got to know you.

Keith: Sure, that’s okay.

James: But what goes into that, I am thinking you want to call it a Freemium model. It was just so much content. I mean where’s breakeven point, I mean I know you’re working, helping him with his book, and that was really successful. But can you tell me a little bit about the mindset there because that’s what I’m trying to get across with value, giving more value.

Keith: So It’s funny because me and Perry are doing another program together and at the end to beginning of February. And that relationship, it first started with me running ads while me helping his director of marketing, Jack Born. He reached out to me because he wanted somebody Perry is in the Mastermind with, was one of my clients and they told Perry that I had, actually It was before that I think. It was Jack had reached out to me because the same guy had said something about me helping him with his business, and then I started helping Jack over the phone with some of his stuff and some Perry giving him some tips and ideas. We talked about maybe me helping him manage some ad campaign so then what I ended up doing. Then Perry actually heard somebody else and said something, the same guy I think. The Mastermind was one of my clients that, by the way made of one of his events.

James: Cool

Keith: Big, big, big, big, that one event, me meeting, going to one event really has ;light sped up my entire path over the past two years, one event, but there’s also more things that go into this. It’s pretty amazing on what can happen with like the meeting the one person, and you do good job for them, and they can connect all these to the people. But if I hadn’t actually published, self-published my own book prior to that, I never would have landed that client that I have met on that event because that made me stand out from anybody else. So it’s like, you do the little things. I wrote that book knowing originally, this is like a two-and-a-half year old book that I wrote and I don’t promote anymore because it is outdated already, because of Facebook ads so they change. But I wrote that originally as a positioning tool and resource and I think that goes along pretty good, well, sounds like the theme of your Podcast and brand, create value, build your brand, build your authority and then good things will come.

James: Exactly, exactly.

Keith: And that’s how it works. So basically, I started running ads for him at first knowing it would pay off. I mean I didn’t even get paid for because Perry is very 80-20, hire good people. Let them manage things, right? So I didn’t even know Perry at that time. I started running campaigns and he knew. Jack told him, he Okayed it, basically, Jack, he vouched for me. Then the numbers started coming in, and Perry was blown away.

James: That’s cool.

Keith: So then, the next thing led to another. Now, even the relationship I did with Perry, even the program that we did together, that’s not our normal like a joint venture partner thing, that’s not our normal like 50-50 or I don’t even make that much money off it. But the money that has already made me on to side stuff, high end, coaching my programs, it’s priceless, absolutely. And so another great example of this is, I believe is John Carlton, one of the best copywriters alive today. He talks about when he was young just getting to the business. You know what? It’s not actually John Carlton.

Yeah, maybe it is. It’s John Carlton, I believe. He went and he interned, basically, worked for free for, what’s his name? He’s one of the most famous marketers today and copywriters. I can’t remember the name. I don’t want to drag on but there’s a famous, very famous. I might think at the end of it and he went and basically begged him to let him work for him for free and that made his whole career.

He didn’t make any money working for him but because he got that internship, and then the connections he made through that relationship, not only would he learn but also the connections that the people he was able to meet after that. It was basically a life changing situation. So yeah, I absolutely believe in interning with somebody that already is at that level or heading that way.

James: So safe to say, getting a mentor or positioning yourself and offering your services free of charge were for taking a relatively smaller cut than you would just for the experience, exposure and the privilege of working with people that have already made it

Keith: Yeah, exactly.

James: Yeah, I love that

Keith: And back to your question about the Freemium, the best marketers, they give away a lot. They give away so much for free that really people, the very astute people can learn a lot. They may not learn the very, very most advanced tactics but you can get a ton and you can learn a ton from that free content. It’s just all about building trust, so.

James: Absolutely, and now, I look at Pat Flynn, I mean what he’s done and the guy has just given so much away to the point where, and this is like, I would like the bounce the concept of you and people like you. I mean he gets pushback from die hard fans or I want to say takers, what do you mean you’re charging for this stuff? I mean you usually give stuff away. So he had a real hard time of being able to charge for like a membership or some closely guarded or personally guided programs and where is that line? How far do you give? How much do you give before you have to start charging? Your kids got to eat.

Keith: Yeah, exactly, I’ve gone through the same situation and I’ve gone through phases, basically. And one thing I’d recommend people out there is just don’t over think it, first of all no matter what you do just keep on going. So like the story I told you about, me going into my boss and telling her I couldn’t afford to work there anymore. Yeah, but that wasn’t because I got lucky, that was because I literally reading the 4-hour body and figuring out that I could actually sleep 4 1/2 hours at night, and have two 20 minute naps throughout the day and still be rested. So I was adding 3 hours to my day, and I would get that working. But the point is, like I said, I mean I had to work my butt off, yes, in order to walk in the door and quit.

I worked my butt off every single extra hour I had, and was able to do that but at the same time when it comes to it’s deciding when to sell or not to sell. I go through phases where sometimes, I am selling too much, and I am really just pushing selling, pushing my sales funnel because I feel like I have to make more money or whatever it is. And I go through phases when I’m creating more content, creating more content. And right now, I’m in that content creating mode where I want to be, going into really consistent back to what I was doing. Now, I feel like I’ve been slipping because I’ve been so busy trying to take care of my clients. And that’s an interesting thing there too.

For a lot of those folks that are trying to build an online business, don’t be afraid to go out and get clients for me that’s what saved me. Me, was having clients that I can manage campaigns for that paid consistent amount of money so I wasn’t depending on info products. Clients consulting, that is, it can be the biggest thing safety net that gives you the ability to be really creating value, and building your brand for the long-term but not having to be depending on making money to survive, so.

James: Absolutely, that’s creative advice no-eggs-in-one-basket kind of thing.

Keith: Yup, yeah.

James: Yeah, no, totally and a lot of guys like yourself, myself included, I’ve got clients, full time and part-time, all over the place, multiple streams of income you need to have it. And I think you might agree that it allows you to the luxury of being in content mode now and being able to pull back and create something and not feeling like you’re having to prime the sales funnel or keep the sales funnel full.

Keith: Right.

James: Cool, cool. Just, and on that subject, how about a mindset, do you have any? Because it’s either sales, its content, its clients, are there are any particular like mind hacks if you would, or Tim Ferris-type of acts for productivity, and accountability, that keeps you consistent and that keeps you moving in the right direction.

Keith: I don’t really have any super ninja like magical tricks. Two kind of things is honestly the more you follow people and if you get coaching and if you’re… info products, yeah, they can be overwhelming but at the same time they give you belief. And when you’re working with people that are successful and you’re seeing people all the time, you have no doubt. And so for me, when I don’t know if I had a dollar for every time either my mom or my dad or somebody else specially my parents would say, hey, you need to go back, you need to get a regular job, maybe you should go back flying, Blah blah blah, you don’t understand how many times but I just knew. I knew. I just knew it was only a couple of months away.

And then sometimes it will take longer, things that were prepping and I was prepping the pump for or whatever harvesting it just takes longer sometimes. And so, but first of all, so knowing that and then meditate and every single day if you can meditate and tell yourself, specifics, meditation is massively huge. I don’t know if you folks out there believe in the law of attraction but I never even really realized the power of it, and the power of intention until I really I spent three days at Jack Canfield’s house, the author of All the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

James: Sweet, sweet, yeah.

Keith: And I was at the Mastermind and it was, I mean just awakened by the power of intention and Wayne Dyer all talks about that a lot. So do that, a lot of the things will come. And the other things is just what I do is I basically just kind of write a new list like every morning or the night before of stuff that the most important things that I really need to get done, and then I turn my phone off right or I keep it at silent at least. I keep it silent and away from me and so I keep that morning time to be my work time. So a great tip one time was it was from, damn, what’s he’s name? He is the CEO of Early to Rise and he’s also in the fitness niche but my mind is blanking right now but great tip, and he calls it find your magic time, okay.

James: Yes.

Keith: The time of the day, maybe it’s two hours or three hours in the morning, maybe you’re a night owl, maybe it’s in afternoon. For me, it’s early morning. So it’s like 6 a.m. till like 9 a.m. And use that for your most important task that you need to get done or tasks whether it’s creating content or whatever. Don’t use that time to be following up with emails and stuff like that and keep all your distractions out, so those are few tips.

James: Beautiful, beautiful and I am so with you on that morning stuff. I think as I get older, I try and get up earlier and earlier and yeah, I’m most productive.

Keith: Yeah, Craig Ballantyn, that was from Craig Ballantyn actually.

James: Craig Ballantyn.

Keith: Yup.

James: I’m all about, I follow Wayne Dyer for years and years and years, and I’m all about the law of attraction. I mean you got too keep everything perspective because nothing replaces hard work and creating your own opportunities but man, you just got to think, have a forward thinking, think in the right direction. Yes, totally, totally down with that.

Just kind of to wrap things up. If you have close family member that was struggling to build an online business, what advice would you give them niche, choice or even if they had a website, just struggling to get traffic, what would be, somebody really close to you, what would be the number one focus you would have them jump on to move the needle?

Keith: Okay, what I would do is first of all, I would be very, try to get them to be very honest with themselves. And so if you have a potential product and you’re trying to build the brand around that or online business, first of all, we need to know if you have something that you could sell. So, really decide, is this something that you can sell? Is there something that you can sell down the road? How are you going to monetize this?

Just because it’s a passion doesn’t necessarily mean it might be a profitable business down the road. So figure it out, whether it’s going to be you know thru sponsorships, whether it’s going to be thru coaching, whether it’s going to be thru selling physical products, can you sell this offline? Are you already selling this offline? Can you meet somebody at an event and sign them up as a client or can you sell this to somebody?

That’s a big deal for me because an example, if I take a Facebook ads’ client on, I’ve had clients before where they had an idea and they had something that thought it would be great but they ended up not being. It made my job so difficult because they were coming to me for ideas on like what to sell and what to point and everything like that. I love a client where I can, that I know they have an actual product that provides value. And so what we can do now is now what I say is create content, amplify that content with Facebook, Facebook ads’ okay. Take that content that you created. Use the targeting capabilities of Facebook ads and get that in front of your exact ideal target audience, whether it’s somebody that likes. Gwynne Dyer, maybe you’re into the Secret whether somebody likes tennis or whether maybe you’re targeting somebody that has a high income, you can target people now based on their net worth, based on the food that they buy at the grocery store, organic foods or the car that they drive, those types of things. But figure out, do you have that product and then you have to really the more you can become an authority in your market.

And so the more you find out that the searching and optimization game is going away, the more that you realize you really do after you create value and create content. But you can speed things up, you can speed things up with Facebook by using Facebook ads to get that content out in front of your ideal audience and then having the systems like a good lead magnet and retargeting in place to capture that visitor, every single visitor that you bring there. And so it’s an interesting strategy. I talk, there’s a recent article that I was interviewed on, Crazy Egg blog. That I talked about the strategy of creating, promoting your content with the systems in place to move that visitor back into your automated sales funnel.

James: Yes.

Keith: And so, yeah. So the two major tips are first of all make sure you’ve something you can sell, you can monetize. Second, create content and become an authority in your space.

James: Sweet, sweet and along with all that big value, big business.

Keith: Exactly.

James: Now I love it, you talked on value several times. That’s perfect. I appreciate it. Can you tell us, just give us some parting shots, current projects you’re working on, anything you want our guys to know about? What’s coming down the pike for Keith Kranc.

Keith: I’m pretty excited. I just signed a book deal with the Entrepreneur Magazine, Entrepreneur Press so…

James: Congratulations!

Keith: Yeah, so it’s actually co-authored with Perry Marshall. And so we got to have, well we just got the deadline push backed. So we’re pretty stoked, we don’t have to have the actual manuscript done now until May, it sounds like, which will become out on the fall, probably October. But I’m also working on some pretty cool things on the Facebook side. I’ll be, if you know, I’ve got all the free resources though. I’m just finishing that by the time this goes live, it should be live at my Facebook checklist which I just re-did.

I’m just about done but then it’s not published yet but as we speak. But it’s basically a Facebook checklist and it’s a step by step guide on how you can use Facebook to grow your business, so how you can implement to really start generating leads and sales with Facebook ads, and in your blog all kind of combined in one. So really, if you can get that for free at dominatewebmedia.com, you’ll see it there somewhere. And then you can find out, I’ve got programs on there and stuff like that too if you want to get into my membership and where I do monthly calls, groups calls and lots of training back there too so.

James: So everything we can find everything at DominateWebMedia.com?

Keith: Yeah, just go there, get the free stuff and if you like that, then you can check out some of paid trainings, and I’ve got monthly membership and I’ve got a ton of content, 40 plus hours of training videos in there so.

James: Beautiful, beautiful. And anything else you would want to leave us with? Any other contact or…

Keith: No. You know one thing is just, you got to do the work, just like, kind of like Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s another great book. You know, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. I’m really kind of laying a lot of my message around that these days and it depends on where you’re at. But you know, jab, jab, jab, is value, value, value, right hook is sell but just figure out. If you have to read a book like The Four Hour Body and learn how to get more an hours out of the day, do it, because you know, just get a couple of extra hours for your more productive, and you can just keep pushing ahead. But at the same time, it is nice to see people doing it if you’re just starting knowing that you can do it. It just sometimes can be one big moment that kind of speeds things up so.

James: Yeah, that’s awesome. That’s awesome. All right, we’ll wrap it up there. Keith, we really appreciate your time today and everybody knows that, how they can get in touch with you, and I will have some show notes on the blog. Good luck with everything. I’m so excited for you.

Keith: Yeah, it’s great, pretty cool stuff so.

James: That’s great. Listen you have yourself a great holiday.

Keith: All right, thanks again. Have a good Christmas. Bye.

James: You too, thank you. Bye.

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