001: Big Value Big Business Podcast – Introduction

me_smThe Big Value Big Business Podcast is about inspiring business owners and marketing consultants to change the way they go to market.

We want to create a global shift from; Interruption/Push Marketing to an atmosphere of Inbound/Pull Marketing, by providing Value Driven, Customer Centric, Highly Informative Content and custom tailor this content to fit into where-ever the prospect is in the purchasing process.

My audience consists of consultants, entrepreneurs and business owners.

My Mission with Big Value Big Business is to humanize how we bring our products, services and particularly our brand to market.

My podcast is all about building a strong value proposition and the walking that talk with every message we convey and every piece of content we produce. By then communicating our message to our target audience, they are drawn to us naturally, and we no longer have to SELL ourselves and/or PUSH our products and services.

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