025: Milestone Episode – Looking Back on the Last 6 Months

The Big Value Big Business – Podcast

Who have I interviewed, what have I learned…?

When I started podcast in Dec of last year I was so excited and full of hope, ambition and wonder about how this thing was going to shake out.

Podcast Highlights:

I am here now 6 months in… 24 episodes, this making 25 and I could not be happier with the results.

Let me take a second and give a shout out to my guests:

  • 024: Mimika Cooney – CaptureSchool.com
    • 002: James Schramko – SuperFastBusinesss.com
    • So… Just how well is the Podcast doing…Let’s See:

      Am I rolling in endorsements and sponsors? Nope not a one
      Do I have this huge email list of listeners? Nope it’s actually a pretty modest list of some of the most fantastic people I could ever have the pleasure to serve.
      Am I monetizing anything? Nope not a thing – not a dime.

      You know if you are anywhere in or around the internet marketing space, you’ll notice the huge push for podcasts. There is hardly a successful or even an up and coming blogger, online marketer, author or consultant out there that does not have some kind of podcast, google plus hangout, TV show on YouTube…whatever I am talking lots of folks out there are using audio and video to help them get their message to even more people

      Speaking strictly of the guys I know this huge influx of podcast i think has been inspired I part by the success and influence of:

      BVBB 016: John Lee Dumas – entrepreneuronfire.com
      BVBB 010: Pat Flynn – smartpassiveincome.com

      Just these 2 guys alone combined have downloads close to tens of millions.
      They have listeners in practically every corner of the world and daily they provide their listeners with valuable information, motivation and inspiration..

      These 2 gents; Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas were in a big way responsible for inspiring me to start the Big Value Business Podcast.

      I am a faithful listener of both of these guys and I have really tried to bring big value to my prospective audience just like they have…and of course get paid in the process.

      I know a lot of folks started a podcast as a result of listening to and being inspired by guys like this. Heck who wouldn’t want to make over 100 grand a month like John Lee Dumas?

      Unfortunately not everybody can be so lucky to hit it big time like these guys…
      Hey guys like John and Pat have paid plenty of dues and have worked incredibly hard for the blessings they now enjoy and they continue to work hard each and every day serving their respective tribes
      While a few folks have been able to crack the code, grab a decent size following and make a really good living with their podcast… alas most folks working a podcast like me have not.

      That doesn’t mean we have failed. It just means we have to work a little harder and go at it a little bit longer.

      I knew I wasn’t going to set the world on fire in the first 6 months. Probably not even a spark in the first year. And frankly that was not my intention. I wanted to get to know the folks that I have had the pleasure and good fortune to interview. I wanted to learn about them, what they do, how they became successful and how they continue to thrive by….wait for it …wait for it…
      How they continue to be successful by providing big value!

      I also wanted to provide my listeners some big value as well by asking the right questions and hopefully getting some answers that would inspire my friends to take their businesses and their lives to the next level.

      These last 6 months have been a huge learning experience for me. I am so grateful to everyone that has given me their time so generously.

      And while I am speaking of gratitude I really and truly want to thank all of you…my listeners. My audience — my friends…thank you for letting me come in to your life..heck into your ears for a short time as you listened. I really do feel that it is truly an honor to have you take time out of your busy life to listen to something I produce – and I can’t put it any other way so I say thank you

      So exactly what have I learned over these past 6 months from chatting with some of the best and brightest marketing minds on the planet…?

      I could easily fill 2 hours or more in podcast time if I went over everything I learned….
      But I will call out a few things here that are top of mind that I think I should share with you:

      One thing that I can honestly say is that for the brief time I had the pleasure to be with any of these folks – I would not hesitate to enter into a project or joint venture with any of them.
      They are all fine, fair and absolutely hardworking individuals.

      So Lesson 1
      First thing that comes to mind is kindness and generosity.
      Everyone I have had the pleasure to speak with was so kind and giving of themselves and their time and expertise. I don’t compensate anyone for their time so what they give of themselves is purely complementary. And a lot of my guests are extremely busy people running million dollar plus companies..

      Lesson-1: Always be giving back no matter how busy or successful you have become.

      Secondly, is focus. Each and every person I have spoken with has the ability to be extremely focused. The winners I speak to have this ability to laser focus on their mission, their product, their market and their audience. You can just tell when you hear them speak they know what they are going to say because they have a clear and unwavering focus in what their about.

      Lesson-2: Focus… focus on what’s important to your mission and your audience. Avoid multitasking and set goals for yourself daily that contribute to your big picture goals

      Third, everyone I speak to is constantly learning. They attend events, seminars, and talks and they read voraciously and constantly.
      Their learning consists of but not limited to strategies for business, self improvement, psychology and life enrichment of their lives and the lives of those around them. These reading lists are huge and diverse. I will share these of the titles on the show notes page:

      So…Lesson – 3  Read, Learn, Grow… invest in yourself heavily. Get out and keep up with what’s happening in the world both online and offline. Go to events, network, learn and read…constantly feed your brain

      Fourth – This next one kind of goes along with number 3… get out and network… no successful business person that I have spoken to or moreover anyone i have ever read about has ever had any success in a vacuum. Everyone I chat with has had at least one mentor, or one mastermind or meeting group that they confide in on a regular basis. Even the most successful folks I know of have someone or some group that they rely on for inspiration and support… and to that end they also contribute their knowledge to the same folks that they are learning from as well

      Lesson – 4…have a mentor, a mastermind, and or some kind of support group where you can give and receive the gifts that are so important to success in business and in life.

      Fifth – All the knowledge in the world is useless without action…
      All of my guests are action takers. They have become successful not by sitting on the sidelines but getting in the game… All in the game.
      We have this tendency to gather as much information as we can whenever we can. No matter if we need the information or not, we squirrel it away for later cuz “ you never know when I will need that short-cut or that strategy or that hack.

      Lesson -5 Learn it – then – implement it — period. If you’re not going to use it now, leave it, you probably don’t need it and it’s just a distraction. Don’t download that ebook or checklist of tip and tricks and hack only to have it take up space on your hard-drive. Get what you need when you need it and act on it now!

      So this is at a very high level the some of the lessons I have learned from the fantastic group of folks that have graced the first 25 episodes of the Big Value Big business Podcast.

      I can honestly say that all of these lessons have made the path clearer for success. I am still growing but i feel i am heading in the right direction.

      Be sure to tune is next week for big value big business as usual.

      As with each and every episode I hope to bring some big value into your day – you take care – and I’ll be talking to you again – real soon.

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